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Thus passed the day
Where I wasn't heard
Thus passed the minutes
Where I wasn't seen
Thus passed those moments
Where I was forgotten
Thus passed...


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bring it back

It almost was...
The moments of thoughts
And those spaces of caresses
The yearn of a voice
And the flutter with a sight
And then it became everyday
Wants available
And touches when asked
Now love is
Becoming less of itself
Ah, when love almost was...


I'm yearning and I'm craving
I don't know if this is what they call it
I do know that a piece of me refuses
to be my own
It floats, towards you
Pulling me along
I see myself whispering into the air
speaking to the unknown
For a few moments with you
Wishing they would be strung together forever
The suns and the moons
The greys and the wrinkles
The passions and the laughs
They want to be with you

I've been heard before
I could be heard again...