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Thus passed the day
Where I wasn't heard
Thus passed the minutes
Where I wasn't seen
Thus passed those moments
Where I was forgotten
Thus passed...


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bring it back

It almost was...
The moments of thoughts
And those spaces of caresses
The yearn of a voice
And the flutter with a sight
And then it became everyday
Wants available
And touches when asked
Now love is
Becoming less of itself
Ah, when love almost was...


You got me a stalking ya
Ought to know what a stink obsession could throw at ya!

Just get back on the line and tell me you're okay
We'll forget this shit and move on like its yesterday!

Just hit that delete button with two in tow
It ain't that difficult to be a gentleman you know


cancerous white, beautiful white, is it a never ending white
there was never a black but im looking for the gray...
i do need it
i really do
white stings and hurts, its numbing and its closing in on me
tight so tight