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I am looking at the drawn curtains
is it to begin or to end...
Was the act called

I stand in abandon
The spotlight stays on
Unblinking and without a rest

I rehearse again as I stand frozen
waiting for a cue to move

But the curtains have been drawn
And I have been forgotten


I feel like throwing up
the strangle's getting thicker

i want that noose to wrench its way
and kill me with its snigger

it was nice knowing you hon
i'm sure you feel the same

and when i find my way out
i'd like to be the one to blame

the bile has finally built up
i'd let the nausea take control

if this is how it has to end
then lets just rock n roll


The bodies mix
The day diffuses

Time then snatched away
The pause torn open
Fanstasy resolved to smithereens

I ask for none
I ask for neither
I ask for an end to night and day

Do me apart
For I cant ask
A broken bird to beat its wing

Take me away
For I want no war

Give this a stop
Give me the dark

That is all I ask


I'm yearning and I'm craving
I don't know if this is what they call it
I do know that a piece of me refuses
to be my own
It floats, towards you
Pulling me along
I see myself whispering into the air
speaking to the unknown
For a few moments with you
Wishing they would be strung together forever
The suns and the moons
The greys and the wrinkles
The passions and the laughs
They want to be with you

I've been heard before
I could be heard again...

Happy Birthday

I write a tear
scented by an exploding flower
wrapping it in brown with a pretty bow

Who it's from, you would never know

Tangent circles, a rap on my knuckles was told
But i've missed that point, i've long missed that point!
my own embrace i dearly hold

I taste that salt and fear that fright
I'm an eight year old with a chucky syndrome
but then i wipe me clean and be the queen
save ten seconds and i'm back to being old

 you give me my bread!! and water me down
i'll count the clocks as they chime their dread
grow the fat, kill the lust
ugliness is heaven behold


I have a tear in my eye
As I write to you
There's something that I feel is amiss
Is it me? It is isnt it
I don't belong to you anymore
because we dont want it that way
we keep looking at the rises and sets
like they belong to us
but we dont belong to each other
we're grown ups with our cups of tea
and maturity
no surprises here
no statements made
no promises we will make
we are the new kinds
we are heartless
with a perspective
with a process
to what exactly?
why dont we just believe that we dont exist
why the charades
do we really belong to each other
do the masks extend
if that isnt true
Is this?


I eagerly await,
that hour of pleasure and pain
Those remnants of a fruitful solace
The picture of hidden cracks
reassurance of a sane that exists
Like a trembling moth
I gape wide and clear
at my fields of golden corn
I eagerly await,
my light and my death.

I feel

How long did I think you could leave me that way
I fail
I fail
That unspoken word and that welcome embrace
I'm taken
To that island I didn't know I craved
A new breath to call my own
A new moment to help me survive
I'm going into the unknown again
Will you be there
To let me come back
Find you
I may want to live...


I've been told that I would need you
That it would be difficult to wriggle out of
That you would have a way
That it would be insane
That it may not make sense really
That it would be difficult
That it would steal some here and there
That it would be futile if it was
That it would still make a lot of sense
That it should be worth a try
That it should not let it take me over
That I should probably allow it to?
That it could be interesting you know...
That maybe - I shouldn't keep talking to myself!


I lie in bed, half naked and half true.
Find a sheet and wait for familiar sounds to die down.
Familiarity doesn't excite me any more like it did a few moments ago.
Some of that ale soothes my insides tonight...
This one shall pass without too much strife.


I see you coming and move you into a tighter embrace
the lightness envelopes and peace restores
You are near, you are here
Together I'll be in unison with the light again
The pain releases, the breath clears, the heart moves with a tender beat
I ready myself for you and for it
Come and take me, I'm ready...


I have a flame
A flame that I endure
That I douse
That I breathe
That I spark

The flame that has stayed
The flame that endures
The flame that breathes
The flame that sparks

It's hot and cold
It dances and smiles
It touches where it shouldnt
And then it dies
only to spark again

The flame is its own
it isnt mine