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another night

Moans and arcs
Passion and joy.

Higher, higher....

Cries and screams
Tears and hopes.

Bound, infinite, existent, forgotten.

A stinging across smooth skin.

Crimson, surrender.

superiority complex

It's a superiority complex.

There were two people on that boat.
Just two.
Drained from the rain and
soaked by the sun,
they were forced to travel beyond their will.
Wave over wave
time flew them by.
They forgot who they were,
tossed and thrown
and pulled back together the next day.
many a sunlight and moonlight saw them fade away.
Every gush of wind brought them hope,
soothing their aches.
But it also pushed them farther away from familiarity.


suddenly so suddenly i feel you
that gentle hum sings in my ear again
a glow fills up the vaccum
bring me to you
bring me home
before i'm awaken
before the dream is snatched away

that speck

Come hither and look into my eyes
Do you see anything...
that speck that bothers me,
every living minute -
refusing to wash out.

Come hither and blow a soft breath
maybe it will leave

Come hither and look into my eyes
Do you see anything...

- "I see life", you say.

the amber glow

Draining the smoke
charring the insides
I relish the moments spent with
a fool for company!

The fingers tremble and dance
the amber comes closer
and words begin to flow.
The knock is silenced

Ash flickers beautifully
Amber & grey
Amber & grey

I cradle it like a baby
and smother myself.

I see it coming

Soon very soon
They will fuse
Words & people
Imagination & the truth,
They will come together
And make for a picture
A portrait that's grainy
But that will still evoke from discerning eyes
A truthful nod and a memory.
every summer i watch the roads
giving way to the sun
this smeltering pot of boiling ink
preparing to write a saga
of the footprints they bore.

A drop of blood, a tear,
the sweat of a man in loin,
uniting with the soul of the historian
to complete the book untold.


lets walk down hand in hand
into the setting sun
lets walk down hand in hand
and forget all that was done
lets walk down hand in hand
lets make new promises
lets walk down hand in hand
lets see what trust is
lets walk down hand in hand
until we grow old
lets walk down hand in hand
I'll never let go


I lay naked
begging for thorns to be pierced deep within.
So the wounds would be hidden.
So the blood would seem fresh

the winner

Riding on multiple thoughts
touching a few million as they pass -
bleeding profusely, right in front of my eyes.
feeling sorry for the massacre
Hating that i started it.
But then, give way -
while i surge ahead!
Maybe you're right
Maybe you're right
Maybe they were meant to be
Maybe it's ok
Maybe we lie on our backs and breathe the dust.


I was letting myself be
no questions asked
no advices thrown
no scares passed along
just a watch.
A thoughtful watch, maybe
But this was a good start

I was letting myself be.


Somewhere... I went wrong,
I spelt it wrong
And it must have been on purpose
One sordid affair after another
no lending, only giving...
Joys and hopes and aspirations and PAIN
I spelt it wrong.
I am to blame.

incomplete - still P

We grew up together
saw the blemishes and hid them with chuckles
there was arrogance and childishness
there were pains and triumphs
together we saw the rising sun
and the rays melting into the ocean
everyday gave us a playground
to carve with our own hands
slowly and surely we stepped ahead with our nimble feet...
A few million aspirations
all gentle and mild
Beautifully sewn together
to create my life

Wake up to a morning of warm rays and mist
Asleep to the gentle hum of a loving heart
Brazen skin soothed by real touch

Love - taken over lust.


It's simple.
Extremely simple!
Just say it.
And watch how it turns from monster to beast to incomprehensible.
Just say it!

It will stop mattering
tug maybe, at a few strings
hard too..
But then - it won't exist.

some beautiful thoughts

"the world is so full of a number of things - i'm sure we should all be happy as kings" Stevenson

" they say they found a skeleton of a leopard just below that peak. Parched, frozen, there was nothing to eat or hunt. No one knows what the leopard was doing up so high."

"Ask a man if he's happy and he ceases to be." Voltaire

"I can resist anything but temptation" Oscar Wilde

some time ago -

Like fools, we went on complaining
Ignoring that silver line
It's not everyday you come across
true smiles

Why then did we choose to push the joys away

But then, I know you're here again
and it won't be long
before that grin finds itself on me - yet again :)

being in love

What was it that you said last night
It took my heart away

Where exactly were you
when you touched me

what did you think of
when you breathed into my ear

what were you doing
when i fell in love with you...


on & on we sail
true to all our joys
the difficult wave is eased away
we are brought back to life...
The wind flies by us
it touches you and me
with its few sullen drops of moisture.