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The stillness and calm are stealing desires
The soul isn't being stirred by the perfection
Give me an unease or two to deal with the bliss
Silence this happiness, give me a thought
Take away the paradox, give me a richer day
If I continue like this, I may forget...


It's an addiction, this little bit of you
A few puffs and a word or two and I'm free
Only to hear this emptiness in no time
This isn't the way it should be
That's what you told me, unsaid, but you did let the feeling stray


No there is no solution
None that I know
None that they are letting me see
Here I lie broken and cluttered
With a mist in my eyes
They just stare and wonder why
I continue to tread alone
No one to beg for company
They don't understand
Maybe they care
But it doesn't help
Nothing does