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Risking it

I let it come in and destroy
little by little, piece by piece
There may be a way to reality
a reality I don't want to see
I'm letting it tear away a few
thoughts and moments of purity
This may not be the sanest
but the thrills and joys of the moment
are certainly for keeps
I'll keep testing them waters
until it's too deep
and then I'll hope to swim back
to safety, to reality
but then, that won't be me...

The rains

It's blue and green with a spray of grey.
It's a beautiful day!

There are whispers and chimes
hints of a loving times
but you are gone far away.

I smile for I know your smile when I return
The clouds will come and the rains will give us back our day.

But now, for right now
I wish you were here and we'd do nothing
but watch the greens, the blues and the greys.

Is it just me?

A want of nothing brought it together.
There wasn't a need
but it had a thought.
Words don't flow for this
there sure wasn't a need.
Blotted ink and a heavy heart
why is there no need.


Luscious and beautiful are possibilities
The way that it could be is easy to see
It's raw and unreal, yet so precious
like it belongs.
It's not here and it probably never will be
But in an unknown it exists
I'll let a few more moments hold on to it.