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Far from it

The purpose is to keep distracting yourself!
That's what they made me believe
That's what I continue to do
It's all a bloody lie!
Does no one else see it
Why am I asking these questions
Why weren't these answers in my books.
They will never know and may never want to.
It's their idea of a joke isn't it
Keep making flesh
Keep on with agony.
Should you be thin or punctual or cancer stricken
How does it matter
Keep your advice if you don't have answers for me
What was your role
To find yourself entertainment?
I refuse to take responsibility and I am right
I've conformed to a few but I can't be burdened by more.
I yearn for my small fingers to be led by a warm hand
A hand that can lead me to reason.
Oh, do come by quickly
I am close to giving up.

Not them

They smile, they're happy
They have and they will
They laugh and celebrate
They fear no uncertainty
They're simple, they're free
A why will never be
They're blessed.
An escape they may never need.


Stop smiling, fool!

You've stirred it again
I'm pacing the streets
I can hear the chatter in my ear
A tiny bit of restlessness
Where you touched me and left
That touch lingers
And that smile, oh that smile...
Stop smiling! Fool.


Find no one to blame
You are the one with a crushed head
With a halo of vultures.
Your wings have lost their feathers
They're all meat and bone
Pretty you are no more
Inviting may be to a tribe of insects.
Crusty scales cover your body
Don't touch yourself.
Parched tongue and grey eyes
Caked with a destitute solitude
Dream of that oasis of tears.
Bloated belly and shrivelled breast
You're the unkind picture of your truth
Let those vultures fly you to your heaven
Give them a taste of your salt!

not perfect

I like imperfections too
Just the way you do
Your fingers searching for that flaw you would love
Me giving in to my lesser bits
finding joy in what you want don't want to show
You letting go


There's nothing I want from you
Just a conversation or two
I've found that calm again
There is no struggle
There is no fear
A thought is surely spent
That leads to a fondness somewhere
But if it were all to be taken
I'd still be there


There is a side of you I want to see
I have my thoughts, you could match them
or give me a few of your threads
and I'll sew them into my sheets
I'll give you a whisper to lead you in
and then that faint smile
find that flicker and lead you to me
I'll wait here and listen to your silence
those words that you will not speak
I'll'll wait...
I'll open a few of your fingers
and step into their creases
soak your senses into mine
and give myself all that I want to see :)

Risking it

I let it come in and destroy
little by little, piece by piece
There may be a way to reality
a reality I don't want to see
I'm letting it tear away a few
thoughts and moments of purity
This may not be the sanest
but the thrills and joys of the moment
are certainly for keeps
I'll keep testing them waters
until it's too deep
and then I'll hope to swim back
to safety, to reality
but then, that won't be me...

The rains

It's blue and green with a spray of grey.
It's a beautiful day!

There are whispers and chimes
hints of a loving times
but you are gone far away.

I smile for I know your smile when I return
The clouds will come and the rains will give us back our day.

But now, for right now
I wish you were here and we'd do nothing
but watch the greens, the blues and the greys.

Is it just me?

A want of nothing brought it together.
There wasn't a need
but it had a thought.
Words don't flow for this
there sure wasn't a need.
Blotted ink and a heavy heart
why is there no need.


Luscious and beautiful are possibilities
The way that it could be is easy to see
It's raw and unreal, yet so precious
like it belongs.
It's not here and it probably never will be
But in an unknown it exists
I'll let a few more moments hold on to it.

Grow Up

Decided - we shall not live from now on
From now on we'll play dead
Let the world try and find us
We won't even tell ourselves its a game of hide and seek
Stop breathing
You'll give it away
Its easy though it hurts
Maybe we'll start enjoying the pain
A second will turn into a year in no time
Let them pass
Then, when we surface - we'll play alive
And behave like the world is playing with us
We'll do this again and again and again