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I lie in bed, half naked and half true.
Find a sheet and wait for familiar sounds to die down.
Familiarity doesn't excite me any more like it did a few moments ago.
Some of that ale soothes my insides tonight...
This one shall pass without too much strife.


I see you coming and move you into a tighter embrace
the lightness envelopes and peace restores
You are near, you are here
Together I'll be in unison with the light again
The pain releases, the breath clears, the heart moves with a tender beat
I ready myself for you and for it
Come and take me, I'm ready...


I have a flame
A flame that I endure
That I douse
That I breathe
That I spark

The flame that has stayed
The flame that endures
The flame that breathes
The flame that sparks

It's hot and cold
It dances and smiles
It touches where it shouldnt
And then it dies
only to spark again

The flame is its own
it isnt mine