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The stillness and calm are stealing desires
The soul isn't being stirred by the perfection
Give me an unease or two to deal with the bliss
Silence this happiness, give me a thought
Take away the paradox, give me a richer day
If I continue like this, I may forget...


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Thus passed the day
Where I wasn't heard
Thus passed the minutes
Where I wasn't seen
Thus passed those moments
Where I was forgotten
Thus passed...


I'm yearning and I'm craving
I don't know if this is what they call it
I do know that a piece of me refuses
to be my own
It floats, towards you
Pulling me along
I see myself whispering into the air
speaking to the unknown
For a few moments with you
Wishing they would be strung together forever
The suns and the moons
The greys and the wrinkles
The passions and the laughs
They want to be with you

I've been heard before
I could be heard again...

Far from it

The purpose is to keep distracting yourself!
That's what they made me believe
That's what I continue to do
It's all a bloody lie!
Does no one else see it
Why am I asking these questions
Why weren't these answers in my books.
They will never know and may never want to.
It's their idea of a joke isn't it
Keep making flesh
Keep on with agony.
Should you be thin or punctual or cancer stricken
How does it matter
Keep your advice if you don't have answers for me
What was your role
To find yourself entertainment?
I refuse to take responsibility and I am right
I've conformed to a few but I can't be burdened by more.
I yearn for my small fingers to be led by a warm hand
A hand that can lead me to reason.
Oh, do come by quickly
I am close to giving up.